Connecting with customers nationally, delivering high quality products at affordable rates, being able to undercut any like for like business. Our windows and doors are produced with cutting edge technology that extends their life expectancy and dramatically reduces the need to maintain them.

Why Timber?

Timber windows are making a comeback and it is clear why, the elegance and beauty of them can transform any home giving them a warm quality feel. Timber is just perfect for both period and contemporary homes and can even add value the building.

The timber window and door has come a long way from being perceived as a nuisance, requiring constant maintenance. This is now not the case with the technology used in producing our products, relentless upkeep is a thing of the past. With microporous paint on them, the windows can breathe without flaking or peeling.

Our windows and doors can outlast the PVCu window and door with a life expectancy between 55 and 65 years, with the PVCu needing to be changed between 20 and 35 years.

Our surveys have told us that the majority people prefer wooden to PVC but refrain getting them because they are considered more expensive, it is true that timber is costlier than PVC but with our prices we can undercut the competition, making them more affordable.

Timber products we offer are:

  • Vertical sliding sash windows
  • Vertical sliding sash windows are:
    1. Spring operated
    2. Cord and weight operated
  • Vertical sliding sash windows could come as double or triple glazed
  • Open out casement windows – flush and rebated storm-proof
  • Open in tilt and turn windows
  • Front doors
  • Lift and slide doors
  • French doors
  • Bifold doors

Since starting up the original company back in 2008, over the years we found that after completing many extensions and domestic projects that most our clientele would rather have timber windows installed rather than the PVCu or similar alternative ones. We too agreed that wooden windows were the way forward, giving the whole build a better-quality look and finish but the trouble was it was common knowledge that wooden windows were hugely expensive and in need of constant maintenance. So, we set out to meet potential customer’s needs; competitive prices and less maintenance.

Having windows that we could personally guarantee regarding quality and problem free seemed not possible within the UK, in the end this has led us to join forces with the largest timber window manufacturer in North-East Poland.

The machines used are all German made and provides the cutting-edge technology we desire.

We regularly travel to Poland to personally inspect our products before we take delivery of them. All our products go through a grueling quality inspection process, which can take up to a week, but is well worth the wait and receiving the finished product. The finish is pristine, the windows are immaculate and the to detail is fantastic.

Our windows are coated with four layers of paint, the first being a preservative, the second a primer and the last 2 layers are dip painted with an environmentally friendly Teknos finish. The worry of warping and shrinking is now a thing of the past.

The windows can now breathe without the worry of flaking and peeling of the paint to occur.All our windows come with CE certification for the standard glass.

The timber we offer is solid and engineered pine, we also offer oak and meranti also FSC certified.
We are eco-friendly and all the timber used are from green forests, all trees cut down are then replanted, sustaining the environment.

All our windows are made to measure and will meet your needs, from the date of your order we can get them to and fitted in as little as 6 weeks.