French Door


  • Good insulation
  • Wide range of door panels

Classic Line

Classic doors with good insulation properties. Wide range of door panels in rich colours, solid, adjustable hinges, lock with five locking points.


  • Frame construction
  • Squared glued wood
  • Timber species: pine, oak, meranti
  • Other timber species on request
  • French doors create a smooth transition between the interior and exterior, which can increase the sense of space even when the doors are closed.

Entrance Door


  • Gentleness and moderation
  • Diversified Collection


Classic design of collection represents gentleness and moderation, referring to the best traditions of architecture. Precious grain of oak, warm shade of meranti wood or natural look of Polish pine – diverse material create unique collection of exterior doors.


  • Functional shapes
  • Durability

Functionally planned shapes, durability and high levels of craftsmanship got modern collection an extra popularity. Natural form does not introduce

Lift and slide

Lift and slide system provides a secure, lightweight and comfortable movement of single sash up to 400kg. A choice of three thickness profiles 68, 78 and 92 mm. Many schemes of opening evev up to 6 leaves. Trusted sealing system supports the sound insulation.

  • Top class GU fitting, with innovative, modular. ThermoStep threshold.
  • A comfortable GU handle system, the possibility of unilateral handles, blasteral and their connection to the different types of inserts.
  • Optional automatic system of opening doors
  • Optional anti-bug net hidden in frame

Bi fold doors

Great space saving windows, widely used for patios and balcony’s. Manufactured both from wood and PVC. Breath taking effect of open room. Folding windows are perfect for projects needing a pass-through type serving system, such as hotels, clubs and restaurants.

  • Double or triple glazed units
  • Wide variety of configurations
  • Practical panel and colour options provide maximum flexibility
  • Indistinguishable from real wood and handcrafted for exceptional beauty

Tilt & slide doors

Tilt and slide system, allows you to easily move the sash weights up to 200kg and safely be tilted. This makes it possible optimal ventilation. Three thick profiles and many colour options to choose from in a clever Tilt and Slide system with optimal ventilation.

  • Special fitting allows you to open the door to a small area, four-sealing and locking contribute to the high comfort and safety.
  • Double sealed wing (main seal and rebate one) protect against noise and heat loss. Rely main seal on the window frame and not drip is an advantage
    - It prevents the ingress of water into the connection of the frame
  • A comfortable Maco handle
  • Installation depth 68, 72 or 92 m