Sash Windows

The sash windows we offer are very elegant, manufactured from engineered timber they produced using a finger jointed technique, making them more durable and last longer. We focus on producing bespoke products that will change the look of your home whilst still maintaining its elegance with sash windows that are visually pleasing.

Their classic profile allows them to fit in perfectly with 18th and 19th century buildings whilst perfectly harmonising with modern contemporary homes.

At TLC TIMBER WINDOWS AND DOORS, we can produce and deliver bespoke windows that meet your needs and the needs of your home. We offer three different width sizes depending on your homes. A 140mm frame is used for listed buildings or buildings where you cannot use a wider from. 156mm is usually used within our standard products where specifications are not listed, and lastly 186mm is used for our triple glazing pieces.

All our windows are fully tested and are built to with stand climates harsher than the UK.The vertical sash features either a cord and weighted system or a spiral balanced system. The weighted system is usually used in traditional homes where the pulleys and cords are counterbalanced with weights.

The spiral balanced system is implemented into the modern sash window, allowing the window to have a thinner frame. All spiral balances are produced in alliance with the size and weight of a specific sash. A choice of Alliance sash fasteners, Fitch fasteners or Claw sash fasteners are used on our sash range.

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